My studio is a space of shared exploration that reflects the experimental exploration of creating colors and sculptural forms utilizing natural inks and pigments. Filled with piles of foraged materials and tools (jars, bottles, paper, plexiglass, liquids, metals, etc.) I frequently grab as I work, I mindfully select, harvest, and process materials, intimately connecting the actions of cooking with the act of ritual. There is a violence in the destruction of materials inherent in the creating process. The fretting and reconciliation that happens when creating temporal materials, knowing their fragility, is a constant consideration and theme throughout my work.

Using collected ingredients from various locations, I laboriously cook, grind, and blend; using traditional materials and methods of ink making, from natural dyeing to fermentation; to create new textures and organic colors. Even though my techniques are calculated and perfected, accidental magic throughout the process is key to my research. As colors shift as a result of time, or an unknown oxidation within an ingredient leaves an uncanny surprise, it is this uncertainty that excites and ignites my studio practice.